Helping Out

Pokémon Online is always welcome to new staff members.

The following is a list of positions that are available on our team.

  • Programmers
    • Software programming
    • Website programming
    • Current staff members expect you to at least know the basics of programming.
  • Databasers
  • Mappers
  • Wikiers
    • The wiki needs people to help maintain articles, help out today by creating an account over at the wiki and editing. Everyone is free to edit, make sure you read the styles rules first. You do not need to notify administrators, just sign up.
  • Artists
    • Spriters
    • Tilers
    • Concept Artwork
    • Banners
    • Video Editors

The following positions are given based on invite only, please do not enquire administrators about them.

  • Forum Moderators
  • Wiki Moderators

Contact one of the Administrators through the forum today about how you can help us out.